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For People,
For Wildlife

Thank you SO MUCH!


For People,
For Wildlife

Thank you SO MUCH!


For People,
For Wildlife

Thank you SO MUCH!


For People,
For Wildlife

Thank you SO MUCH!

You helped us raise £1,553,736 for our For People, For Wildlife appeal, including £702,074 of match funding from the UK government.

Thanks to your support, we have now started our work protecting wildlife and supporting communities in Nepal and Kenya.

The money you donated will help us tackle threats to wildlife through science, education and conservation. Matched funding from the UK government will support the livelihoods of people who live side-by-side with wildlife in Nepal and Kenya, so together we can continue to protect threatened species like elephants, rhinos and tigers.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated to the appeal. Whether you visited our Carnaby pop-up, took part in a fundraising event, or donated online, we are so grateful for your support.

Your money truly will make a difference to the lives of wildlife and people, and precious habitats around the world.

If you missed your chance and would still like to donate, every pound you give makes a real difference and helps us bring animals back from the brink of extinction.

Coronavirus has left us fighting for survival and we need your help more than ever.
Please donate what you can to secure the future for our Zoos and our vital work for wildlife conservation.

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Greater one-horned rhino running

The futures of people and wildlife are intertwined

Around the world, animals face extinction. At ZSL we believe saving wildlife starts with people.
On the edges of national parks in Nepal and Kenya, people live side-by-side with wild animals.

Life is tough. Crops are trampled by elephants and livestock attacked by tigers. Families must risk their lives entering the forest to gather firewood and graze cattle, practices that damage wildlife habitats.

Under pressure, some people are pushed to wildlife crime, like hunting bushmeat to feed their families. Worse still, they can become vulnerable to exploitation by the international illegal wildlife trade.

Independent, sustainable livelihoods

We’re teaming up with these communities to help them set up sustainable livelihoods – like dairies, ecotours, guesthouses, beauty salons and tailor shops. We help with start-up costs, train nature guides and develop of other peaceful ways to live alongside wildlife.

With reliable income and their families’ future secure, they’re empowered to protect the forest and its wildlife. Helping it to regrow and thrive.

How can a tailor save a tiger?

Discover how sustainable livelihoods are already making a difference in Nepal

lady in front of sewing machine smiling in bright clothes

Gayatri, 34


Smiling nepalese father, mother and daughter

Krishna, 39

guesthouse owner

Binita, 36


Lady with stick looks at camera and smiles

Manju, 23


Durga, 32

Durga, 32

dairy farmer

Rita a smiling asian beautician

Rita, 24


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