Femaile dairy farmer wearing a sari and holding a milk pail
Durga was 16 when she started farming livestock and grazing her cows in the forest. With a start-up loan and training from ZSL, Durga began investing in a better breed of milking cow that produces more milk and doesn’t need grazing in the forest. She started up a dairy cooperative to help other women do the same. Durga now owns her own dairy shop, provides for her family and helps more and more women in her area become independent of the forest – allowing it to thrive and grow for future generations.

“People thought I would not be successful as I am a woman. However, after seeing me become a successful dairy farmer and even have a small shop to support myself, people now believe in me. When there is a forest, we have greenery, fresh air, and rain. And if there is a forest, there will be wildlife, which we can pass on to our future generations.”

Watch this space for updates to Durga’s story